If the body changes,
the world changes

Butoh is intimate truth, where every moment is a fragment of eternity.

To lead the body to the brink of crisis courting the abyss from which the dance is born. This is Butoh. It is not moving in space and time but moving space and time themselves. It is returning to earth with the courage to die to oneself. It is the revenge of the knees, of the feet, of our roots on a thinking head. It is a living sculpture of the body that becomes poetry, breaking up form and code. It has nothing to do with doing; it is pure intensity of being. It is not dancing but being danced.

Butoh is born in Japan as the scandal of truth; being naked with one’s own ghosts and atavistic energies.

It is the inclusion of the shadow in the light, of death in life. Butoh is disruptive both for those who practice it and who watch it. The spectator here is a part of the dance. Each dance is an unrepeatable unicum, pulsating art that comes alive thanks to the courage of truth.

In me Butoh is intertwined with the Arab origins graven by the dance of sensuality where the feminine blossoms in the prosperity of its water, where the spirit is delighted by the joy of senses in the whirlwind of matter that becomes life to return to the stars as in a perpetual spiral.



The desire is to share what life has given me: on the level of being my talents, on the level of experience the multiple experiences.



The line of encounter of these two planes I feel like an infinite flowering that allows me to give myself three-dimensionally growing in the space of love, beauty and abundance.



Living sculpture of the body that becomes poetry by breaking up every form and code.



Reconnecting to the truth of dreams and needs, desires and intentions.


Dance workshops

To blossom to ourselves

With dance workshops we experience latent poetry that our body wants to write and draw. We try to discover verses and plots through our steps. Dance thus becomes a liberating movement and at the same time a different approach to self-knowledge.

The workshops aim to make us visit our body limits and to accompany us gently in transcending them. Senses are open and perception  intensifies.