Ecstasy is our way to Peace

Feeling ecstasy is returning to our natural state of existence. It is presence in each moment. Moments are treasure chests containing occasions of wonder and pleasure: feeling the beat and the warmth of our own heart, dance to the rhythm of small movements that the body spontaneously traces, gently embrace another person, vibrate with nature and its transformations…

Where air and earth get married.

This is a Space where a dancing desire mingles with celebration. The desire is to share what life has given me on the level of being as well as of experience.
The celebration opens all the dimensions of playful deep talents like an infinite flowering that allows me to live love, beauty and abundance.


What do I do?


…and right there in my depth, they become one. Spirituality, sexuality, care of relationships: a fluid, continuous and circular movement that envelops my approach to life.

I am!

I was conceived in Tehran and born in Beirut. I live in Italy and I carry Japan in my heart and soul. On a spring day, when I was still a child, in the south of Lebanon raped by the war, I saw a red flower sticking out of the rocks. Another time I felt the scent of the wild thyme caressing the primordial tale of dawn. A little farther on, the dance of a jasmine in the wind filled my heart. These were my first teachers.
Life then led me to study and graduate in Literature, Philosophy, and Molecular Medicine. It took me a long time – practicing butoh, Tantra, Mikusano Mitakara and Piumanity – and a lot of humility to feel that the most beautiful novel is told by the eyes of another being, that the supreme philosophy is that of the heart and that the most effective medicine is to return to the natural ecstasy of the body and live in gratitude for what’s there.



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