Open Mitakara and
the Dream realizes you…

Mikusano Mitakara, a festive art of life – Three in One, a Way of Ta-Ma-Chi

TaMaChi is a simple, joyful and creative way, whose origins date back to the time of the great spirit. Ta, Ma, and Chi are the triple treasure of the ancient Japanese shamanism.

Iida Shigemi, who decided to share it with the world, has inherited Mitakara directly from his grandmother Karasawa Natsumi through everyday life.

It belongs to oral tradition. Both practical and Intangible, Mitakara has been transmitted in the daily life of mountain villages from generation to generation.

TaMaChi brings out the light of human life and its value; it is a way to heal our body and to develop our ability.


Mikusano Mitakara

It allows us to connect with our invisible truth.
This truth directs our vital energy and is expressed through the ecstasy of our voice; a poetic mantra without words that sings joy and gratitude for all that is already there and dreams that perpetually come true.
The natural ecstasy of the body is thus activated thanks to animal wisdom and to the intense connection with the energy of the Heart.

Mikusano Mitakara is at the same time a community and an interior place where the ecstatic experience of freedom hovers. Gathering, among those who live TaMaChi, is fundamental because the energy of the group is released, a powerful energy that the individual alone has difficulty to access. And in the encounter with the other, true authenticity emerges. As the fusion of the elements creates the reality that we know, so the dancing of looks and intents generates the true strength to realize transformation.


Not only individual, but also collective dreams of Change.


Since life does not have any fixed form or structure, Mitakara has no definite way or shape.

Desires here are detached from our ego, to become the buds of a world that dances to the rhythm of the heart, in the ecstasy of life… And the collective dream of change occurs.

Singing, dancing and living collaboratively

Gratitude goes to

Cristiana Fusillo, Giuliano Cesco, IIda Shigemi and all the Mitakara Tribe in Japan and all over the world